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6/6/05 - 6/12/05

This poster gives me the chills. Why does it make me think of Orwell’s “1984” or Huxley’s “Brave New World”? Can you believe this is real? In the U.S.?

Soviet Style Snitch Poster Being Used On Trains
Prison Planet | June 10 2005
Many of the blogs have picked this one up.
This poster is reported as being used on the MARC commuter train (between Baltimore and DC). Click the poster for an enlargement.
If accurate, this is yet another visual reminded of how society is slipping back into a Stasi-like climate whereby everyone is trained to be suspicious.

G.W. Bush has been showing public support for the Palestinian occupation of the holy land. Don’t be fooled, I smell something fishy. There is no way that he is doing this out of sincerity. The U.S. and Israel go together like Batman and Robin, bread and butter, the Olsen twins, you get the idea. They will not betray each other. As you can see by the article below, there are Jews that have bought into this and are not happy. This has to be taken with a grain of salt. Something is up although I don’t know what. I guess we’ll find out as things progress.

Bush's 3 little words, 1 big betrayal

Posted: June 2, 2005
1:00 a.m. Eastern
© 2005
The Israelis are reeling from the body blow delivered them by President Bush following his meeting with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. In one pronouncement, Bush totally scuttled all the hard-fought, blood-bought gains Israel has made in the three wars forced upon her.
All peace negotiations and concessions by Israel in the pursuit of peace with the Muslim Nations and Palestinians since 1949 have been rendered null and void.
President Bush's astonishing and unexpected statement reversed long standing American policy. In his joint statement with Abbas, he declared that any final status changes in the peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians must be mutually agreed to on the basis of the 1949 armistice lines.
To my horror, this statement is the greatest betrayal of Israel committed by any American president in history.
It nearly knocked me out of my chair when I considered the implications of Bush's statement. After considering them, I waited for a clarification. I thought, "Surely this president could not have meant what he said. It has to be a mistake."
I am still waiting, slack-jawed, for a retraction that evidently isn't forthcoming.
Imposing the condition of mutual agreement and setting the benchmark at the 1949 armistice lines starts the whole process at the beginning. This in effect gives all of the advantages to the Muslims without even sitting down at the bargaining table. Palestinians hold every casual word made by an American president that is to their advantage as the "Law of the Medes and Persians which changeth not."
It is a dead certainty that the Palestinian side isn't going to agree to a united Jerusalem with Israel. East Jerusalem was in Arab hands in 1949. A return to the 1949 armistice lines puts it in Arab hands again.
The Western Wall was in Arab hands in 1949. So was the Temple Mount. Making the 1949 armistice lines the basis for mutual agreement means Israel must negotiate with the Palestinians until they agree to give up their claim to the Dome of the Rock or until Israel agrees to give up its claim to the Temple Mount and all of Biblical Jerusalem.
Neither will happen. What is Bush thinking?
Based on this new equation, there is nothing left for Israel to negotiate. Victory: Palestinians. Method: Terrorism. Is it possible that President Bush didn't consider the implications?
President Bush gave his support to all key Palestinian demands without Abbas having to do a single thing to get it.
After resetting the negotiations to the 1949 lines, Bush added salt to the cuts:
A viable two-state solution must ensure contiguity of the West Bank, and a state of scattered territories will not work. There must also be meaningful linkages between the West Bank and Gaza. This is the position of the United States today, it will be the position of the United States at the time of final status negotiations.
Connecting the West Bank and Gaza effectively cuts Israel in half, making Israel a "state of scattered territories" instead. Such a border arrangement renders Israel totally indefensible. Could the president have misspoken? How could he do such a thing? Especially since it is not Israel that threatens to destroy Palestine, but the Palestinians who – along with the Muslim world – vow to destroy Israel.
Everything about the Israeli-Arab conflict is unique, just as the Hebrew prophets said it would be. When it comes to Israel, the world becomes irrational.
For example, it is the only instance in modern history in which ethnic cleansing is a precondition to peaceful negotiations.
Israeli Foreign Service official and writer Yossi Ben-Aharond noted, "Every time an Arab or Palestinian leader arrives in the United States, his emphasis is on criticism of Israel – Israel's conquest, their arrests, demolition of houses, et al. But when an Israeli leader arrives, what does he have to say? "We offer our hand in peace, the Palestinians are suffering, we have done so much for them, we ask the administration to provide them with aid, etc. – and he barely says anything about the PA's violations, the terrorism, the incitement, etc."
Only hours after President Bush gave Abbas the green light to claim most of Israel as Palestinian territory, Abbas was warning that if PA demands were not met, "despair and loss of hope will come back and a return to the old ideas" – of "armed resistance."
The message, "Terrorism pays, negotiation doesn't" was delivered personally to the Palestinians and the rest of the Islamic world by George W. Bush. President Bush did all of this when he uttered those three little words, "1949 Armistice Lines." It might be time for Israel to start looking around for a new peace broker. This one appears to have taken on a new client.
But there is an even graver consequence for the USA. I have believed for decades that God has protected America despite our growing sin. He has done so because the USA has been a base for world evangelism and we have supported Israel's right to exist in the land God promised them. This betrayal, if followed through, will effectively remove God's protective shield. May God help us.

Boy, this is huge news. They are making blueprints for the next temple. People who belong to the Islamic faith must be feeling a bit uneasy about this. There has been a lot of news in this neck of the woods lately. They have just elected the head of the Sanhedrin a few days ago and now they are planning the structural construction of the temple. The Gaza strip withdrawal date is coming up in August as well as plans to reveal the Ark of the Covenant. There have been many recent threats from Jewish extremists to blow up the structures on the temple mount. Can you connect the dots?

New 'Sanhedrin' plans
rebuilding of Temple
Israeli rabbinical body calls
for architectural blueprint

Posted: June 8, 2005
11:05 p.m. Eastern

© 2005

The Israeli rabbinical council involved with re-establishing the Sanhedrin, is calling upon all groups involved in Temple Mount research to prepare detailed architectural plans for the reconstruction of the Jewish Holy Temple.

The Sanhedrin was a 71-man assembly of rabbis that convened adjacent to the Holy Temple before its destruction in 70 AD and outside Jerusalem until about 400 AD.

The move followed the election earlier this week of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz as temporary president of a group aspiring to become Judaism's highest-ranking legal-religious tribunal.

However, although Steinsaltz's involvement with the endeavor adds important rabbinic legitimacy, other major halachic authorities, including Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, the leading haredi Ashkenazi spiritual leader, and Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the premier Sephardi halachic opinion, have refused repeated requests to offer their support.

Nevertheless, the group will establish a forum of architects and engineers to begin plans for rebuilding the Temple – a move fraught with religious and political volatility.

The group, which calls itself the Sanhedrin, is calling on the Jewish people to contribute toward the acquisition of materials for the purpose of rebuilding the Temple – including the gathering and preparation of prefabricated, disassembled portions to be stored and ready for rapid assembly, "in the manner of King David."

Rabbi Hillel Weiss, spokesman for the burgeoning Sanhedrin, said in an official statement that because of "concerns that external pressure would be brought to bear upon individuals not to take part in the establishment of a Sanhedrin, the names of most participants have been withheld up to this point."

"The increasingly anti-Jewish decisions handed down by the Supreme Court prove the need for an alternative legal system based on Jewish sources," said Weiss. "More and more people, including Torah scholars, are beginning to understand this."

In addition to the election of Steinsaltz, the rabbis present also chose a seven-man committee, headed by him, to campaign for the acceptance of the idea of a Sanhedrin.

Those chosen include Rabbi Nachman Kahane, brother of murdered Jewish Defense League and Kach leader Rabbi Meir Kahane. Kahane is the rabbi of the Young Israel of Jerusalem's Old City and heads an organized study of Temple rituals and ceremonies, as well as cataloging all known kohanim (priests) in Israel.

Others on the committee are Rabbi Dov Levanoni, an 83-year-old Chabad-Lubavitch rabbi and expert on the Holy Temple; Yisrael Ariel, founder of the Temple Institute in Jerusalem; and Rabbi Yoel Shwartz, founder and rabbi of the "Nahal Haredi" Israeli Defense Forces unit specifically designed to enable the haredi public to join the IDF, and teacher at Yeshivat Dvar Yerushalayim who has authored about 200 books on a wide variety of subjects in Jewish law and theology.

Steinsaltz is best known for his translation and commentary on the Talmud, but he has also served as resident scholar at Princeton and Yale Universities. He heads a network of Israeli educational institutions called Mekor Chaim and outreach programs in the U.S., the former Soviet Union, Great Britain and Australia. He is also a past recipient of the Israel Prize.

The Sanhedrin was reestablished last October in Tiberias, the place of its last meeting 1,600 years ago. Since then, it has met in Jerusalem on a monthly basis.

Who would have thought that the Bush family was Jewish (Zionist more like it)? Who would’ve thought that Bush’s ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War? This is a classic example of the illuminati bloodline’s influence being passed down from generation to generation. Here’s the proof!


Does the information below explain this ?

Or this?

Cover of the Jewish Calendar for Soldiers and Sailors

Inside Cover and First page

Mathias Bush is listed on Page 15 under Revolutionary War as Jews who signed the non-Importation Resolution of 1765

Major George Bush, Major Louis Bush and Major Solomon Bush who are listed at the top of page 16 as participating in the Revolutionary War.

How nice of Dubya to want to protect you and your family. He wants you to believe that if it weren’t for the “Patriot Act”, the government would not have been able to foil all of the plots against the U.S.

Now Bush says, “we can’t let the terrorists win by taking away our freedom”. Instead, the government takes away our freedom by means of the Patriot Act. So who wins? Doesn’t that mean that the terrorists have won? Who is the terrorist here?

Bush pushes for Patriot Act
Thursday, June 9, 2005 Posted: 12:19 PM EDT (1619 GMT)
WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Bush on Thursday credited the Patriot Act with helping to convict more than 200 terrorists and dismissed accusations that the law has violated civil liberties.
Bush described scary scenarios that he said were thwarted by law enforcement and intelligence officers working together with powers granted by the law he signed six weeks after the September 11, 2001, attacks.
Bush used the examples to pressure Congress to make permanent the provisions of the law that would otherwise expire at the end of the year. But he faces oppositions from civil libertarians who tell their own stories of law-abiding citizens dogged by secret probing of their private affairs.
The Patriot Act bolstered FBI surveillance and law-enforcement powers in terror cases and increased use of material witness warrants to hold suspects incommunicado for months.
Bush urged lawmakers to disregard what he called "unfair criticisms of this important good law." He said the Patriot Act has been used to bring charges against more than 400 suspects, and more than half have been convicted. He also said it has been used to break up terrorist cells in New York, Oregon, Virginia and Florida.
"For the state of our national security, Congress must not rebuild a wall between law enforcement and intelligence," he said to an audience that included roughly 100 uniformed state troopers at the Ohio Patrol Training Academy.
Bush spent just over an hour on the ground in Ohio, a destination chosen so he could highlight the capture and conviction of Iyman Faris. Faris was a Columbus truck driver who authorities said plotted attacks on the Brooklyn Bridge and a central Ohio shopping mall.
Faris acknowledged that he met Osama bin Laden in 2000 at an al-Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan and provided operatives there with sleeping bags, cell phones and other assistance.
Later, Faris received attack instructions from top terror leader Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, authorities said, for what they suggested might have been a second wave of terrorism to follow the September 11 attacks.
The White House said his arrest came after an investigation involving more than a dozen agencies working together in southern Ohio. Faris pleaded guilty to charges of aiding and abetting terrorism and conspiracy in 2003 and is serving a 20-year prison sentence.
"The case against him was so strong that Faris chose to cooperate," Bush said. "Today instead of planning terrorist attacks against the American people, Iyman Faris is sitting in an American prison."
Justice Department spokesman Kevin Madden said Faris was captured using powers granted under Sections 203 and 218 of the Patriot Act, which allows law enforcement and intelligence agencies to share information they have collected.
Bush said investigators on the case said they never would have even had the lead if it weren't for the information-sharing powers of the Patriot Act.
Some critics of the Patriot Act have called for tempering its provisions that let police conduct secret searches of people's homes or businesses. However, defenders of the law say no abuses have been documented, so it should be renewed intact.
Sens. Larry Craig, R-Idaho, and Dick Durbin, D-Illinois, recently told the Senate Judiciary Committee that while they cannot document any specific abuses, the law is written in a way that could allow abuses. The two are jointly pushing a bill that would scale back some of its powers.
"We do not want to end the Patriot Act. We want to mend the Patriot Act," Durbin said.
Lisa Graves, the American Civil Liberties Union's senior counsel for legislative strategy, said the lack of a documented case of abuse doesn't mean the law doesn't violate civil liberties. She said the Justice Department's inspector general reported that 7,000 people have complained of abuse and countless others don't even know they've been subjected to a search because the law requires that the searches be kept secret.
"The real problem is that these record searches take place behind closed doors and are kept secret forever," she said. Graves said the ACLU wants the government to show evidence of a connection to terrorist activity before being allowed to search financial, medical and other records.

The biggest roadblocks to a Zionist one-world religion are Christianity and Islam. Do you think that the current geo-political climate is a coincidence? The “war on terrorism” is unlike any other war. It’s not a war between differing political sovereignties as in generations past. It’s a war between ideologies. Religious ideologies. They will both lose and a new one will emerge. One that’s been planned all along.

Monstrous Lies Are Causing
Christians And Muslims To
Kill Each Other
The Lies Must Be Exposed

By Dick Fojut,

Monstrous LIES are causing Christians & Muslims to kill each other! The lies must be exposed!

Primary is the Monstrous 9/11 LIE about "19 TERRORIST MUSLIM HIJACKERS!"

THE FOUNDATION EXCUSE, continuing to be used today by Bush and Blair to "justify" their never-to-end "WAR ON (Muslim) TERRORISM" was and is the (phoney) list of "19 TERRORIST MUSLIM HIJACKERS" with their (supposed) names and photos, presented to the entire world on TV and print media, a few days after 9/11. But most Americans have never been told that SEVEN of the FBI identified 19 Hijackers were found alive and well after 9/11. The Seven men had NOT been on the 4 airliners!

The phoney 19 Hijackers list was "conveniently" handed to our bumbling FBI just days after 9/11. (The list apparently was hastily, but sloppily, contrived by the opportunistic Intelligence Service of an anti-Muslim foreign nation).

Although our TV and print media well knew the Hijackers list was phoney (by at least 7 parts - or more), our (no longer trustworthy) American mass "news" media, (unlike some of the British media), has totally failed to report this to the American people!

By (at least) 7 parts, the 19 Hijackers list has been revealed to be a lie! Later in September, 2001 and early 2002, major British newspapers found SEVEN of the (still) accused men on our FBI's list of 19 "dead" hijackers, alive and well, making the entire hijackers list suspect!

Please never forget, the 19 Muslim hijackers list is THE foundation belief (THE lie) used to "justify" the "WAR ON TERROR."

Prove to yourself that our government's 19 Hijackers list is a lie, by going to the Google search engine and type in 911 HIJACKERS ALIVE - for multiple articles and news stories!

Especially read and look at the photos in the following...


And also read the following 3 Emails, reporting the above SEVEN FOUND ALIVE, that I personally sent years back to my (formerly trusted) Arizona Senators Jon Kyl and John McCain (which they NEVER acknowledged), with copies also sent to MANY hundreds of others in the Senate, House, local and national "news" media...




"Evidence" ISRAELI Intelligence fabricated the phoney 19 Muslim Hijackers list? That was suggested in the Scottish Sunday Herald, Nov, 2, 2003. Neil Mackay investigated... 7707

Excerpt only...

"In August, 2001, the Israelis handed over a list of terrorist suspects - on it were the names of four of the September 11 hijackers."

Bush and Blair are now disgraced about Iraq

They've been revealed to have publicly lied while they secretly planned (since July of 2002) to invade Iraq using phoney "evidence," totally ignoring expert UN Inspectors Ritter and Blix, whose teams had verified Iraq had told the truth and had NO WMD...

The Downing Street Memo - Time On Their Side

The many ADDITIONAL LIES about Iraq were fed to the UN, the American people and media, Congress and (naive?) President Bush - by his lying misadvisors; Neocons & "Likudniks" (Bush administration members loyal to Israel's Likud Party and boss Ariel Sharon), a cabal led by Perle, Wolfowitz, Feith, Rumsfeld and Cheney. Their lies have been exposed! Following is a recent Melbourne Age article that thoroughly details those lies that deceived America, Britain and Australia into the unjustified war and slaughter in Iraq! Please read...

IRAQ: HOW WE WERE DUPED - by Gary Hughes, "The (Melbourne) Age" - May 14,05 http://www.infor

The REAL REASON we invaded Iraq -

(and may soon do the same with Syria and Iran) - was to protect the tiny State of Israel and help Israel dominate its Muslim neighbors by installing Israel-obedient, friendly puppet governments, through forced "regime changes" using America's military power.

The ugly truth, hidden by America's (pro-Israel, mostly Zionist dominated) major "news" media, is that American soldiers (and Iraqis) have NOT been killed and maimed "PROTECTING AMERICA'S FREEDOM" from (non-existant) Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction.

In truth, the lives of ALL fighting have been wasted, sacrificed to benefit the tiny Zionist ruled State of Israel! Read the following by some Americans brave enough to state that ugly, hidden truth...

'IRAQ WAS INVADED TO SECURE ISRAEL,' says Senator Hollings, and 'Everybody Knows It.' - July 16, 2004


General Zinni further stated "I think it's the worst kept secret in Washington."

But WHY would American Presidents and Congresses, since 1948, feel "morally" OBLIGATED to provide Israel (an estimated) 3 Trillion dollars from American taxpayers - and massively arm tiny Israel so that today Israel possesses the 4th or 5th largest Nuclear stockpile in the entire world? (Capable, if truly threatened, to incinerate all its Muslim neighbors in minutes, with Israel's estimated 200 to 400 nuclear warheads.)

And WHY do our American leaders (and parroting media), if "necessary," feel compelled to sacrifice millions of Muslim and Christian lives, (as Israel-obedient Bush and his wife state) "to make Israel Safe and Secure?"

"WHY" appears to be answered by another MONSTROUS LIE - or rather, a MONSTROUS EXAGGERATION... about the 4 million Jews (falsely) believed to have died at Auschwitz.

Since World War 2, American Presidents and Congresses have been gripped with COLLECTIVE GUILT that during WW2 our American nation could have - but failed - to prevent Hitler from murdering SIX MILLION JEWS in the Nazi Extermination camps "Holocaust!" And especially have we all been persuaded to feel guilty for the FOUR MILLION JEWS supposedly killed at Auschwitz alone.

Most Non-Jewish Americans (including myself at one time) - and Jewish Americans - along with most of America's elected leaders, have come to totally believe that 4 million Jews died at Auschwitz alone, and have further been persuaded (by a 50 year barrage of print, Movies and Television) that ALL Americans somehow "owe" the descendents of Jewish "victims" and their State of Israel, our perpetual allegiance - and America's never ending protection against another Holocaust of Jews.

* Even IF that 100% allegiance to tiny Israel may result in American (and British) global war against the entire Muslim world, that Israel's (paranoid) leaders pretend to fear.

But America did NOT fail to prevent Nazi slaughter of millions of European Jews, because Four million Jews did NOT die at Auschwitz.

Therefore, the collective guilt apparently motivating Congress and other Americans, is an illusion. America truly "owes" the State of Israel and its Jewish citizens, no "debt" of any kind.


The 4 million Auschwitz dead exaggeration has successfully propagandized our (now) "Christian-Zionist" President and a self-deceived (or cowed) majority in Congress, to wage (perpetual) war against Is rael's self-perceived "enemy" Muslim neighbors, as Israel's Proxy military, to "keep Israel Safe and Secure."

Read the following and judge for yourself if the dead at AUSCHWITZ has been exaggerated. Note that the Auschwitz dead (of all nationalities and religions) has gradually been reduced from 4 million, to ("officially") 1.1 million... and even less (as per WW2 International Red Cross estimates)...


Because of common American belief that 6 million Jews died in the Nazi Holocaust (especially the 4 million at Auschwitz), the "tail" of a tiny, alien nation has been "wagging" the giant American Dog for over half a century.

Aware that the collective guilt belief of most members of Congress has moved them to feel a "moral" obligation to tiny Israel, Pat Buchanan was probably accurate when (it has been reported) he earlier asserted:


Our President's and Congress' 100% dedication to keep "Israel Safe and Secure" (dedication shared by most of our pro-Israel major "news" media who influence and "mold" American public opinion) may also explain why Ariel Sharon, in a cabinet meeting days after 9/ll, felt free to admonish Perez he should not worry about offending America, because, Sharon arrogantly boasted:


Was/Is Ariel Sharon correct?

Or is it just his "wishful thinking?"

I've not touched on the OTHER MONSTROUS LIES about the WTC Towers that compounds the above mentioned lies. Others have produced ample evidence that all THREE WTC towers were collapsed by internal demolitions, not from the external crashes of 2 airliners, which suggests possible TREASONOUS involvement by (as yet unidentified) individuals high up in our government, Intelligence and Military.

There has been another major step in the establishment of the New World judicial system. The Sanhedrin will be the foundation of the World Supreme Court. They have their court, they have their laws, now they need a temple and a Moschiach.

Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz Elected to Lead Re-established Sanhedrin
16:31 Jun 07, '05 / 29 Iyar 5765

( Rabbi Adin Even-Israel (Steinsaltz) was elected to lead the Sanhedrin rabbinical governing body Monday.

The Sanhedrin decided to elect seven members to interact with known Torah sages and the public. In addition to Rabbi Steinaltz, they are Rabbi Nachman Kahane, Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, Rabbi Yoel Shwartz, Rabbi Dov Stein, Rabbi Yehuda Edri and Rabbi Dov Levanoni.

Well, I guess it’s official. Not that we didn’t know it all along. If you are still thinking that the U.S. invaded Iraq because of WMDs, you are wrong. If the pre-emptive strike was because of that reason, the U.S. military would have done the same to North Korea a long time ago. Currently, they are “just having discussions”. Take a look at the headline below, are you kidding me?

North Korea Has Nuclear Bombs, Building More: Official
AFP | June 9 2005
North Korea has a stockpile of nuclear bombs and is building more such weapons, the country's vice foreign minister Kim Gye Gwan said in an interview with a US television network released Wednesday.
"I should say that we have enough nuclear bombs to defend against a US attack," the North Korean official told ABC News when asked how many nuclear bombs it possessed.
Asked whether Pyongyang was building more nuclear bombs, Kim said: "Yes."

FEMA has empty concentration camps in place around the country. I wonder who they plan on filling these up with? It looks like they are anticipating a large number of prisoners in a short period of time. Do you really think a bunch of law abiding citizens will start going crazy all of a sudden? Labeling more people as “terrorists” and widening the definition of that term is more like it. Guantanamo Bay clones will pop up everywhere.

US running secret jails worldwide: Amnesty 2005-06-06 08:48:07

BEIJING, June 6 -- The chief of Amnesty International USA alleged Sunday that the Guantanamo Bay detention camp is part of an "archipelago" of U.S. prisons worldwide, "many of them secret," where detainees are mistreated and even killed.
A weeks-long dispute has raged since England-based Amnesty International's report, released on May 25, cited "growing evidence of U.S. war crimes" and labeled the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay as "the gulag of our times."

"The U.S. is maintaining an archipelago of prisons around the world, many of them secret prisons, into which people are being literally disappeared, held in indefinite, incommunicado detention without access to lawyers or a judicial system or to their families," William Schulz, executive director of Amnesty's Washington-based branch, told "Fox News Sunday."

"And in some cases, at least, we know they are being mistreated, abused, tortured and even killed."
Schulz recently dubbed U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld an "apparent high-level architect of torture" in asserting he approved interrogation methods that violated international law.

"It would be fascinating to find out. I have no idea," Schulz said.
"The United States should be the one that should investigate those who are alleged at least to be architects of torture, not just the foot solders who may have inflicted the torture directly, but those who authorized it or encouraged it or provided rationales for it," he said.

Human Rights Watch said U.S. interrogators had inflicted religious humiliation on Muslim detainees, a violation of the Geneva Conventions.
The U.S. military on Friday released details about five cases in which the Koran was kicked, stepped on and soaked in water.

A Newsweek story in its issue dated May 9 reported that American military investigators had found evidence that interrogators at the Guantanamo prison facility had flushed a Koran down a toilet to get inmates there to talk.
The article, which was retracted by the magazine one week later, sparked violent protests in Afghanistan, where 16 were killed and more than 100 injured, Pakistan and other Muslim countries.

About 520 prisoners, most of whom were captured during the US-led war in Afghanistan, are still being held at Guantanamo Bay, and some of them have been detained there for more than three years without charges and access to lawyers.

This was mentioned in last week’s blog post as an upcoming event. Looks like the bull in the China shop knocked over a few things. Stone throwing and retaliation with grenades is never a good thing at the Temple Mount. I don’t know if this will cause the tensions to escalate drastically but I can tell you one thing, more fuel has been added to the fire.

Confrontation Erupts at Jerusalem Shrine
The Associated Press
Monday, June 6, 2005; 1:07 PM
JERUSALEM -- Israeli police stormed a disputed holy site Monday, hurling stun grenades to disperse hundreds of Palestinian worshippers who stoned police and Jewish visitors.
The confrontation erupted as Israel marked "Jerusalem Day," the anniversary, according to the Jewish calendar, of its capture of traditionally Arab east Jerusalem in the 1967 Mideast war. The disputed site, the Al Aqsa Mosque compound, is in east Jerusalem, claimed by the Palestinians as a future capital.
Also Monday, Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz told a parliament committee the military would forcibly disarm settlers to be evacuated from the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank this summer if they don't turn in their weapons, participants in the closed-door meeting said.
Mofaz also said he would urge settlers to evacuate their children before the withdrawal begins in mid-August to spare them traumatic sights. "I urge them not to allow their children to be involved in any aspect of the evacuation," he said after the session of parliament's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.
Responding to a question, Mofaz said the pullout would "not take place under fire. We will do everything possible to coordinate the disengagement with the Palestinians."
A Palestinian security official said Monday that the Palestinians are recruiting 5,600 police to provide security during the evacuation, and that their duties will include preventing attacks on Israelis.
"The plan includes protecting any installations or houses or facilities that Israel leaves, and to prevent any action from the Palestinian factions," said Interior Ministry spokesman Tawfiq Abu Khoussa. He said the Palestinian forces are ready to coordinate their actions with Israel or act on their own.
An official who attended Mofaz's parliamentary meeting, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Mofaz has asked the Palestinians to place a large force near settlements to prevent militant attacks during the pullout.
Israel and the Palestinians have pledged to cooperate during the withdrawal but have taken few concrete steps. Palestinian officials said the two sides planned to meet Monday evening to discuss coordination.
The Palestinians said the Israelis were to hand over maps of Jewish settlements in Gaza.
"The Israelis promised to hand over the inventory, not just of the settlements themselves, but also of things like water, and we hope that will happen at this evening's meeting," said Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat.
Palestinian officials say they need the infrastructure plans to prepare for the post-Israel era in Gaza. Palestinian officials have complained that Israel was late on the promised handover of the maps.
In Jerusalem, some 3,000 police were deployed to prevent possible friction on Jerusalem Day, which Israelis commemorate with marches and speeches. With tensions running high, the confrontation erupted as several Jewish visitors toured the Al Aqsa compound, accompanied by police.
Hundreds of Palestinians threw stones at the visitors and their police guards, and additional forces stormed the walled compound, throwing stun grenades to disperse the crowd, Jerusalem police spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby said.
A Palestinian man who tried to attack a Jewish visitor was arrested, he said. Two Jewish visitors were slightly hurt by stones.
Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas said the Jews should not have been allowed into the mosque compound. "The Israeli government and the international community must stop these unjustified and dangerous violations. They are to prevent any friction with bad results," he said.
Adnan Husseini, director of the Islamic Trust, which runs the compound, said he had urged police to bar Jewish visitors from the site because of the tensions over Jerusalem Day.
The compound, home to the Al Aqsa and Dome of the Rock mosques, is one of the most volatile areas in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The site is revered by Jews as the Temple Mount, home to their biblical temples.
In 2000, a visit there by then-opposition leader Ariel Sharon triggered bloody protests that escalated into more than four years of Israeli-Palestinian fighting.
After the outbreak of fighting, the mosque compound was closed to non-Muslims for some time. However, tours by visitors of other faiths resumed last year, and Jewish visitors are accompanied by police to prevent friction with Muslim worshippers.
In another development, a Hamas leader said the Islamic militant group is willing to negotiate a new date for parliamentary elections with the ruling Fatah party, provided the vote takes place before the end of the year.
Abbas indefinitely postponed the election, initially set for July 17, citing technical difficulties. Hamas protested the delay, but stopped short of abandoning a Mideast truce over Abbas' decision.
The West Bank leader of Hamas, Hassan Yousef, and Sakher Habash, a Fatah representative, met Monday and decided to form a committee to propose a new date.
Hamas made a strong showing in several rounds of local elections in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and is expected to pose a strong challenge to Fatah in the parliament balloting.

This company is now making a splash in Canada. You can see the momentum growing with the RFID technology. I can assure you one thing. This technology is not a fad. It is not going to go away. Expect visible marketing of this technology in the near future. You can be sure it will be presented in a way to make it appear that it will help make the world a better place.

VeriChip Corporation's eXI Wireless Named One of Canada's Top 10 Wireless Software Companies by Leading Information Technology Consulting Group

DELRAY BEACH, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 6, 2005--VeriChip Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Applied Digital, announced today that eXIWireless, the Canadian business recently acquired by VeriChip Corporation and now doing business as "VeriChip, Inc.", was named one of Canada's Top 10 Wireless Software Companies by the Branham Group, an independent information technology consulting group, in its annual Branham300 survey of technology companies.
Commenting on the company's recognition by the Branham Group, Kevin McLaughlin, Chief Executive Officer of VeriChip Corporation, said, "The inclusion among many of the elite Canadian wireless companies, such as Research in Motion (NASDAQ RIMM), recognizes VeriChip, Inc. for its unique suite of products, including HALO, RoamAlert and Assetrac Location & Protection System. We believe the synergies between current VeriChip products and VeriChip, Inc. are powerful and provide strong marketing opportunities as the only company that offers RFID Products for People."
The Branham Group provides "Go to Market" direction to the global Information Technology products and services companies; particularly those that want to harness e-Business opportunities. The Branham Group acts as an information channel for the future of business in a wired world, helping clients understand and leverage emerging and emergent technologies.
Since its inception in 1990, the widespread vision of its professional team has helped clients in the United States, with a large percentage in Canada and Europe. Recently the firm's international reach has expanded into Latin American countries and companies in the Asia Pacific markets.
VeriChip, Inc.'s products include HALO, the leading system for infant hospital security, helping healthcare facilities prevent infant abductions, accidental baby switching, and medical equipment theft and loss while providing a safe work environment for facility staff; RoamAlert Wander Protection System, the next generation in patient wandering protection, helping assisted living and skilled nursing facilities protect their patients while not restricting the residents' freedom of mobility; and Assetrac Location & Protection System, a flexible asset protection system for facility-wide cost savings that helps healthcare facilities prevent medical equipment theft and loss, enabling administrators to quickly locate and track assets throughout the hospital.
Additional details on the Branham Group survey can be found at

About VeriChip
VeriChip is a wholly owned subsidiary of Applied Digital and the only company to provide both implanted and external RFID security solutions for people, their assets, and their environments. From the world's first and only FDA-cleared, human-implantable RFID microchip to the only patented active RFID tag with skin-sensing capabilities, VeriChip leads the way in next-generation RFID technologies. Today, over 3,000 installations worldwide in healthcare, security, industrial, and government markets benefit from both the protection and efficiencies VeriChip's innovation delivers. For more information on VeriChip, please visit

About Applied Digital
Applied Digital develops innovative security products for consumer, commercial, and government sectors worldwide. The Company's unique and often proprietary products provide security for people, animals, the food supply, government/military arena, and commercial assets. Included in this diversified product line are RFID applications, end-to-end food safety systems, GPS/Satellite communications, and telecomm and security infrastructure, positioning Applied Digital as the leader of Security Through Innovation. Applied Digital is the owner of a majority position in Digital Angel Corporation.
Statements about the Company's future expectations, including future revenues and earnings, and all other statements in this press release other than historical facts are "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and as that term is defined in the Private Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties and are subject to change at any time, and the Company's actual results could differ materially from expected results. The Company undertakes no obligation to update forward-looking statements to reflect subsequently occurring events or circumstances.

Source: VeriChip Corporation

I posted only a partial section of this article that I thought was the most relevant. Now that astronomers have this super-powerful telescope at their disposal, you would have to think that it would only increase the potential for an eventual disclosure. This plays right into the globalists’ agenda. You would think that there would need to be an “official” disclosure of some sort before the actual visible hoax is carried out. I do feel that this article represents another small step towards that “official” disclosure.

Alien search party
New telescope scanning space for signs of life
By Ariana Eunjung Cha
Washington Post

HAT CREEK, Calif. – Astronomer Michael M. Davis checked his computer. One of the antennas on the state-of-the-art radio telescope being built in the valley outside his office was picking up an unusual pulse from beyond Earth.
A signal from another intelligent civilization? Not today. It was the Rosetta Satellite, en route to study a comet.
Hopeful moments followed by disappointments are par for the course for researchers at the SETI Institute, the privately financed successor to the now-defunct government project dedicated to searching for alien life. They have been searching the heavens for decades, but they do not have the data to conclude, or even guess, whether we are alone in the universe.
This time, however, the scientists hope things might be different. In May, the first telescope designed specifically for such a search began scanning the skies. When it is completed, the telescope will be so powerful it will be able to look at more stars in a year or two than we have in the past 45 years…

I love reading Henry Makow’s articles on his take regarding current events. Every time I wonder what a piece of headline news is really all about, he hits the nail on the head. I’ve been wondering about this “Deep Throat” revelation that has been covered extensively for the past week or so. What was the big deal? Who cares?
It basically appears to be the punch line of a globalist inside joke that has been 30 yrs. in the making. The joke is on us.
I can only describe it this way: you kick someone in the balls in front of their face, you deny that you did it, the victim believes you. Many years later, you tell him, “Remember that time when you got kicked in the nuts? The old senile man across the street did it.” He believes you again. You laugh. You pat him on the back and say, “Just checking to see if you still trust me”. Unbelievable.

"Deep Throated" Media Swallows Banker Lies

June 04, 2005
By Henry Makow, Ph.D.

In their exclusive clubs, central bankers and their CIA-CFR minions are toasting the gullibility of the American public and having a good laugh. While portraying Watergate as a victory for press freedom and democracy, they were again able to make a mockery out of both.
Last week, they rolled out a senile man of 91, former FBI Deputy Director Mark Felt, and announced that he was the infamous "Deep Throat."
Ex-Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein admitted that Felt provided clues that led to the 1974 impeachment of Richard Nixon for the Watergate burglary and obstruction of justice.
Watergate was a coup d'etat. Nixon was framed by the CIA. Felt's true role now is to provide a "feel good" moment and deflect attention from the CIA. The family of central banker Eugene Meyer owns The Washington Post, which has long established ties to the CIA.
Nixon's Watergate missteps were an excuse to remove a popular President who had just won a landslide victory and had become a threat to central banker hegemony.
According to Seymour Hersh, in an article entitled "The Pardon," (Atlantic Monthly, Aug. 1983, p.69) a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff recalled that on Dec. 22, 1973, Nixon tried to get military support to resist the "eastern elite."
"He kept on referring to the fact that he may be the last hope, [that] the eastern elite was out to get him. He kept saying, "This is our last and best hope. The last chance to resist the fascists [of the Left]." (William T. Still, New World Order, Ancient Plan of Secret Societies, p. 12)
According to Webster Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin, (The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush): "The reason the Watergate scandal escalated into the overthrow of Nixon has to do with the international monetary crisis of those years, and with Nixon's inability to manage the collapse of the Bretton Woods system and the US dollar in a way satisfactory to the Anglo-American financial elite...

"Broadly speaking, Watergate was a coup d'etat which was instrumental in laying the basis for the specific new type of authoritarian-totalitarian regime which now rules the United States. The purpose of the coup was to rearrange the dominant institutions of the US government so as to enhance their ability to carry out policies agreeable to the increasingly urgent dictates of the British [re. Rothschild] -dominated Morgan- Rockefeller-Mellon-Harriman financier faction."


As I have said, sham democracy is the bankers' preferred method of social control. They groom the candidates, own the media and pay the talking heads. If an elected official gets silly notions about defending the national interest, they arrange a plane cash or an impeachment.
Until 1972, Richard Nixon had been a compliant pawn of the Rothschild-Rockefeller cabal. In 1947, he answered an ad placed by some powerful businessmen looking for someone to run for Congress. The advertiser was none other than Prescott Bush, grandfather of Dubya, and a partner in Rothschild banking asset Brown Brothers Harriman.
After his humiliating defeat to California Governor Pat Brown in 1962, Nixon worked for John Mitchell, Nelson Rockefeller's personal attorney and lived rent-free in a posh apartment owned by Nelson Rockefeller. His job was to become President in 1968 when, to the consternation of his conservative supporters, he pursued Rockefeller's "internationalist" polices.
The bankers pulled the plug on Nixon because he was becoming unmanageable. Already before 1972, Nixon is heard on tape agreeing with Billy Graham that something had to be done about the "Jewish stranglehold" on the mass media or the "country will go down the drain." He also referred to elite-party-place Bohemian Grove as "the most faggy goddamn thing I've ever seen".


Jim Hougan, co-author Silent Coup: The Removal of a President (1992) believes Felt was badgered into playing this role by family and friends. Felt is 91 years old, and counting. A reporter who recently interviewed him found the interview an incoherent waste of time, and killed his own story.
According to Houghton, Felt wrote a book about his career in the FBI. In it, he goes out of the way to say that he met Woodward on a single occasion. This was in Felt's FBI office, and the upshot of it was that Felt told Woodward that he would not cooperate with him in his pursuit of "Watergate."
Houghton says no one in or around the Nixon White House was in a position to know all of the things that Throat is alleged to have told Woodward. For example, Felt had no way of knowing about the 18-and-a-half minute gap in Rosemary Woods' tape. This strongly suggests that Throat was a composite.
"What we have here, then, is the sad spectacle of an old man being manipulated," says Houghton. "The only person who meets [the Deep Throat] criteria, to my knowledge, is Robert Bennett. Now one of the most powerful men in the U.S. Senate, Bennett was President of the Robert R. Mullen Company in 1972-3. This was the CIA front for which Howard Hunt worked."
Houghton obtained a memo under the Freedom of Information Act in which Bennett admits he is briefing Bob Woodward. "Woodward's gratefulness was manifest in the way he kept the CIA, in general, and the Robert R. Mullen Company, in particular, out of his stories." (scroll down)

If we count the Kennedy Assasination, the impeachment of Richard Nixon was the second coup d'etat by the central bankers in a dozen years. They were steps leading to their attack on the World Trade Center and the inception of the repressive Patriot Act.
Last week, the "free press" earned the title "Deep Throat" by demonstrating that, for a small price, it would swallow anything.
The carefully staged event illustrates how far it has gone from being guardian of the public interest to being an instrument of mass deception and social control. In the New World Order, opportunists and traitors like Bob Woodward and Mark Felt are "heroes" while our defenders like Richard Nixon are defamed.
George Orwell famously said that "he who controls the past controls the future."
If the best values of Western Civilization are to survive, historical truth clearly is something we must struggle to uphold.

You think you are a badass on the road with your new stretch Hummer, huh? Wanna drive my tank? What’s going on here? If he cuts me off, I definitely wouldn’t give him the finger. I’ll pick on the next Hyundai on the road.

Are they trying to get us acclimated to these vehicles as a common sight on the road? Is there something brewing here? I found it interesting that no one really gave a big deal about it. People just minding their own business doing their thing. “Oh, it’s just a tank…(waves)”

HELLO!!!???? There’s a TANK in the middle of the street! WAKE UP!!! It smells like a martial law drill to me. The average person will say, “Martial Law?? You’re crazy and paranoid! It could never happen here. Besides, this is the U.S., this is the greatest free country in the world! I have no time for this nonsense. Wave to the tank! Woo hoooo!”

Tanks In The Streets Of New York
Prison Planet | June 7th 2005

On a recent trip to NY City (last weekend) three gun-mounted, armored tanks/vehicles were driving through the streets of Manhattan. I took these pictures with my camera phone (hence the crappy quality).
I couldn’t believe how many people just waved at the armed soldiers peeking out of the top, many even cheered loudly in support. Nobody took the time to say, “why the hell are armed soldiers and tanks rolling down the middle of the street?!”
This happened the day after I saw a NYPD officer in Times Square – he was simply standing around watching the pedestrian traffic, the only thing out of place… he was carrying a machine gun!

At least someone smells something fishy. This sounds kinda scary. Scary because it sounds very feasible.

Signs Of The Next Attack?
By Ted Twietmeyer

It would appear we are nearing the next big event. No references will be given for this article, except for

1. The website above has photos of US Army tanks and other military vehicles on the streets of NYC (on

2. Recent events this week have come to my attention regarding the test-shutdown of certain regions of the internet, for several hours at a time. Of course, it's also possible that technical failures can cause some of the problems listed below. One must consider this is also a possibility.

Below are some indications you might have noticed:

* Dialing an 800# and hearing absolutely nothing - not even ringing.

* Find that email transmissions blocked for one or both directions

* Discovering that emails are getting "lost." This may be content-connected.

* Having your DSL or cable modem suddenly lose the carrier. You may or may not have had to call
to restore your service.

3. My experience is that you will experience more than one of the above at the same time. For example, an 800 number you might use to access voice over IP goes completely dead when you dial it, and also lose your DSL service.

Now what would be the point of doing this? The answer is really quite simple. Since martial law will undoubtedly include picking up troublemakers, all communication will be suspended throughout the country while the camp roundups are underway. After this is over, every will suddenly "come back to life" again after the red and blue list roundups are largely completed. Such a communications shutdown will isolate people and prevent them from warning others.

The ONLY warning of the next attack may be the shutdown of communications systems first. Including the internet.

Then you'll find there are far more tanks, helicopters and armored vehicles in the US than you could imagined possible.

And most likely, most of them will be white.

4. Other signs? Black helicopters have hovered over our home TWICE last week, 3 days apart and hovering about 30 minutes each time. Not on a sight-seeing tour. And we live 30 miles from the nearest airport and out in the country. We'll get photos of them next time.

Martial law mobilization may have already begun.
Bush will remain in the whitehouse, know the rest. Elections will be suspended indefinitely.

More threats here. This is from an Iranian source. I wonder why this is ignored by CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS? Can you imagine if this were released as a major front page news item on a major network? I wonder what it will take for people to realize that the news that they consume is spoon-fed? If it’s not on CNN, it must be B.S.
CBS should be “See? B.S.” Because that’s what they are spoon feeding the public.


WASHINGTON [MENL] -- Congress has been pressing the U.S. intelligence community to investigate claims by an Iranian defector that Teheran planned to crash an airliner into a nuclear reactor in the United States.

Several members of Congress were said to have been alarmed by the information and one has met with CIA senior officials to press for an investigation. So far, the CIA has refused to question the Iranian defector, a former senior official in the 1970s.
Rep. Curt Weldon, vice chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, has met the unidentified defector several times in Paris over the last 22 months. Weldon said the defector has been accurate in predicting several important developments in the Iranian regime since February 2003. The developments were said to have included those in Iran's nuclear weapons programs and support for Al Qaida.

The informant, dubbed Ali, was said to have been in contact with two dissidents in the inner circle of the Islamic republic. They were said to have reported a secret government directive by Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei who presided over the nation's strategic weapons programs and financed and controlled groups deemed terrorists.

Another new book is being released with Satanic propaganda. Can someone explain to me how is the “Holy Grail” even worth being considered to have the potential to be the most important story on the planet when it is never even mentioned in any of the Holy Scriptures? Especially when it is being referred to as a “Serpent Grail”. It really gives us a hint of the origin of this phony “holy grail” story which has been romanticized for centuries.

Major Holy Grail Discovery
Author discovers the ancient secret of the Holy Grail said by one TV producer to be "the most important story on the planet."
(PRWEB) June 5, 2005 -- Author discovers the ancient secret of the Holy Grail said by one TV producer to be "the most important story on the planet." In "The Serpent Grail" by Philip Gardiner, With Gary Osborn, the "truth behind it all" is told:

• An extraordinary account of the quest for the truth behind The Holy Grail, Elixir of Life and Philosopher’s Stone

• Snake venom and blood mixture discovered to be the Elixir of Life mixed uniquely within what became known as the Holy Grail

• Astonishing new findings that lead us right back to the very origins of civilization and the roots of our modern belief systems

• Ground breaking proof that The Holy Grail, Elixir of Life and Philosopher’s Stone are one and the same

• Radical demystification of the stories and mythology that have mesmerized entire generations

• Conclusive identification of a link between modern religious beliefs and ‘Serpent Cults’ of the ancient world

In a profound and provocative work of scholarly detection, best-selling author Philip Gardiner shakes the foundations of modern belief by at last revealing the true origins of The Holy Grail, Elixir of Life and Philosopher’s Stone. Shrouded in mystery, these highly enigmatic symbols have long been revered and The Serpent Grail proves, without doubt, that all three are inextricably linked, originating from the same ancient source.

For many of us, these three mysterious objects derive from Arthurian legend, or the curious work of the medieval alchemists, but this book reveals that they date back from a much earlier period – from the dawn of human history itself.

Basing his findings on a wealth of detailed research and his own unique marketing and propaganda-based background, Gardiner’s own quest has been something of an adventure and his book presents plausible and fascinating new evidence about the foundations of religious belief and how over the centuries information has been deliberately and systematically distorted.

In an argument with enormous implications, Gardiner identifies key facts which link all three symbols to the same ancient cult – a cult which believed that the mythical serpent was, a ‘beneficent life force’ and its physical counterpart, the snake, an irreverent provider of the ‘elixir of life’. In The Serpent Grail Gardiner proves that modern science and ancient wisdom can and have come together to finally prove that snake venom and blood was used thousands of years ago as the Elixir of Life and was brought together in the arcane “mixing bowl” which became known as the Holy Grail.

"The Serpent Grail" is a gripping read, a work based on a lifetime of research that provides the indisputable fact that, The Holy Grail, Elixir of Life and Philosopher’s Stone are one and the same, in that they are all metaphors for spiritual enlightenment. This book takes the reader on a fascinating exploration of ancient myth, archaeology, etymology, religion, science, and much, much more.

Random Thoughts
I spent a lazy Sunday kicking back and relaxing at home yesterday. I got a chance to watch some T.V. during the day surfing channels and checking out what was on.
It was hard not to notice the seemingly random T.V. programs that all related to the cosmic conspiracy to oe degree or another. So many programs dealt with different angles of the matter. I normally don’t spend a whole lot of time watching T.V. but getting a rare chance to vegetate, I found it amazing to see the degree of mind conditioning that was being programmed.
Here are some of the programs I encountered yesterday flipping through channels:
• “Conspiracy Theory” w/Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts
• “Unlocking the UFO Secrets” or something like that (cant remember the exact title) on the History channel.
• “The Matrix”
• “The 4400” mini-series

There were much more but I can’t think of all the titles off the top of my head.