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8/22/05 - 8/28/05

Now why would a high profile religious leader provoke another country, causing even more disdain than there already is aroud the world for the U.S.? Why would he want to add another potential enemy to the ever growing list? Doesn’t it appear to fit the plans of the agenda to weaken the U.S. to the point where it will be viewed as a global threat by other nations? The U.S. image needs to be weakened in order for the NWO to realistically come into the picture. Pat Robertson is a shill for the global elite acting as a fundamentalist Christian. He is smearing the image of Christians by his actions as well.

Published on Wednesday, August 24, 2005 by CommonDreams.org
Is Pat Robertson Out of His Mind or in the Loop?
by Bill C. Davis

There is something not only rotten but seemingly deranged in the state of mind of Republican leaders. I would call Pat Robertson a Republican leader. He did well in a few Republican primaries back in 1988 until scandal hit the whole Evangelical enterprise, which Mr. Robertson assumed was a Bush Sr./Lee Atwater conspiracy. It seemed convenient, he thought, that the scandal hit just as he was hitting his stride.
Reverend Pat made peace and perhaps a pact with the powers that be and currently has a direct line to the White House. He, with Jerry Falwell, claims to have helped make the double-barrel-two term Bush presidency possible. On Monday the iconic American Christian using the language of gangsters endorsed the assassination of Hugo Chavez so we could save 200 billion dollars. The assumption was that the only two alternatives to dealing with an elected leader who is critical of the military industrial complex running our country is to "take him out" or to wage a war. He presents the options and then chooses the less expensive one.
One does pause to wonder if he is not a loose cannon but that the direct line to the White House runs both ways. If in fact Venezuela and Iran are considering an oil embargo against the US, this may not be a random Christian perspective from the baby- faced aw-shucks father figure for the consumers of sign-on-the-dotted-line religion. Could this be a request from the top? Either Mr. Robertson is truly out of his mind or he is "useful," a word that Rumsfeld loves to use. When asked about the comment Rumsfeld referred to Robertson as a "private citizen" and rather than condemn the comment he said, "private citizens say all kinds of things all the time. Next question."
How would this endorsement of assassination from the giddy Evangelical be "useful" and to whom would it be useful? Does a holy Christian man rattling a saber make any sense to the essential logic of Christ? On the subject of sabers, rattling or penetrating, Christ said, if you live by the sword you die by the sword.
But here is the most amazing, confounding thing Christ said - Love your enemy. This phrase means nothing to the most boisterous Christians like Pat Robertson. To them, this phrase is invisible. In their minds, it is a soft, silly lapse in the Savior's prescription for the salvation of the world. The Passion of Christ was a bloody canvas for paranoid sadism. The prime actors against Jesus, the alleged center of Pat Robertson's universe, were soldiers taking orders from the likes of Mr. Robertson. Pat Robertson sees an assassin and an army as legitimate functionaries in realizing his view of a safe and decent world.
We can certainly paraphrase the question standing before the president in Crawford: "What noble cause did my son die for?" What noble cause will be served by Pat Robertson's Fatwa?
In December 2000 the incoming administration declared Hugo Chavez a threat because he was selling oil to Cuba. And now, if Venezuela is going to block the sale of their nationalized oil to the U.S. what does that mean to a Christian leader? Does he have investments he's worried about? Does he believe Venezuela will be a conduit for terrorism and communism and anti-Christian principles? Does he want to make that case or would he prefer that his government "off" an elected leader who just happens to urge OPEC convert officially the standard of buying oil from the dollar to the Euro?
Hugo Chavez speaks at length to his people over the TV - and he reads to them. One of his favorite authors to read to his people is Walt Whitman. At the Youth Conference in Caracas earlier this month he called the people of the U.S. “brothers” to Venezuela. He embraced the traditions of Walt Whitman and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and gave them as examples of the progressive history of the U.S. Walt Whitman understood spirit and America. Pat Robertson contradicts both.
One would think the FCC, under some aspect of the Patriot Act might revoke Robertson's license to broadcast. If he's out of his mind they might - if he's in the loop - they won't. Stay tuned.

I wonder what would have happened if the table were turned and a Muslim leader from a middle eastern country called for the assassination of George Bush? Wouldn’t he have been labeled a “terrorist”? What would other countries think of Pat Robertson? Of course the U.S. public is insulated from understanding the foreign public’s perception of their rapidly deteriorating image.

Venezuela angry over evangelist's assassination call
By Hal Weitzman in Lima
Published: August 23 2005 20:05 | Last updated: August 23 2005 23:43

Venezuela's government reacted angrily on Tuesday to calls by Pat Robertson, the US televangelist, for President Hugo Chávez to be assassinated.
José Vicente Rangel, vice-president, said that how US authorities responded would demonstrate their commitment to fighting terrorism. “It's deeply hypocritical to talk about fighting terrorism while at the same time, within that country, there are obvious terrorist statements,” he said.
Mr Robertson made his comments on Monday on The 700 Club, a programme broadcast by his Christian Broadcasting Network. The preacher said killing Mr Chávez would prevent Venezuela becoming a “launching pad” for extremism.
“If he thinks we're trying to assassinate him, I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it,” Mr Robertson said in reference to a claim Mr Chávez made in June that he had evidence that the US wanted him dead. “This is a dangerous enemy to our south controlling a huge pool of oil.”
Sean McCormack, US State Department spokesman, said in Washington on Tuesday: “We don't share his view and his comments are inappropriate.
“Any allegations that we are planning to take hostile action against the Venezuela government are completely baseless and without fact.”
In Caracas, Desire Santos Amaral, a pro-Chávez politician, called Mr Robertson a “fascist” whose opinions were “part of the policies of aggression from the rightwing in the North”.
Bernardo Alvarez, Venezuela's ambassador to the US, urged the Bush administration to condemn Mr Robertson's comments “in the strongest terms”. “It's essential that the US government guarantee [Mr Chávez's] safety when he visits this country in the future, including his scheduled visits to the United Nations in New York,” Mr Alvarez said.
The US government has explicitly banned assassinations since 1976.
The Bush administration has not tried to hide its concern about the ambitions of Mr Chávez, a radical nationalist, to increase his influence in the region. US officials have frequently expressed worries that the Venezuelan president is using his oil wealth to meddle in unstable South American countries such as Ecuador and Bolivia.
In Paraguay last week, Donald Rumsfeld, US defence secretary, said Venezuela and Cuba had been influencing Bolivia “in unhelpful ways”.
Analysts said yesterday the incident would help to strengthen Mr Chávez's profile in the region as a leader who provides a political alternative to US power.
Mr Chávez frequently attacks Washington. In a radio address from Havana on Sunday, Mr Chávez, sitting alongside Fidel Castro, said: “The grand destroyer of the world, and the greatest threat . . . is represented by US imperialism.”

Could this be the catalyst for a global economic meltdown? Look out for flu season this winter. We’re looking at record oil prices, an ugly situation with Iran and a potential epidemic all converging this winter. Next year could get intereseting.

Pandemic could trigger second Depression
CTV.ca News Staff
One of the biggest brokerage firms in Canada is sounding an alarm over the potential economic disaster that could result from an influenza pandemic.
Avian influenza has killed more than 50 people in Asia over the last two years and has led to the cull of millions of birds.
Now, financial experts are urging Canadian businesses to work with governments to prevent the spread of bird flu should it blow into a pandemic, and take measures to prevent a crisis that could reach the heights of the Great Depression.
In what's thought to be the first report of its kind, BMO Nesbitt Burns has issued a document, titled An Investor's Guide to Avian Flu.
The firm said its goal was twofold: to encourage the business community to get involved in planning and helping finance efforts to limit the effects of a possible pandemic; and to get Canadians to reconsider their buoyant optimism in the market.
""I think it's important to highlight the potential risk," said Sherri Cooper, the report's co-author and chief economist and executive vice-president of BMO Financial Group.
"I'm not trying to assess the probably of a pandemic. But it's out there, and it's frightening," she told CTV News.
Some of the repercussions projected in the report, were a pandemic were to break out, include:
• A dramatic slowdown in the economy, equal to the Great Depression. A rampant decline in spending would result from people panicking, which would put a sudden stop in spending.
• High levels of unemployment, with many people unable to work.
• Travel restrictions on the free-flow of goods and people across borders. "In a world that depends so heavily on global trade, this would have a very damaging effect on economic activity," said Cooper.
• A collapse in the housing market.
The report adds if there were to be a serious pandemic that leads to high death rates, a surge in housing supply would be met with a reduction in demand. "And just like during the Depression, there would be a collapse in real estate values," said Cooper.
According to the report, those who have saved their money would be able to then buy property cheaply. But Cooper said too many Canadians these days are over-leveraged, and saddled with too much debt: "And if something goes wrong in their personal income flow, they're vulnerable."
Cooper wrote the report with Donald Coxe, a global portfolio strategist for BMO Financial Group. They advise Canadians to invest conservatively and exercise prudence in their financial life.
"Stop buying things that you can't afford to buy," Cooper said. "Pay down your debt with that little bit of extra money that you may have at the end of the month.
Joseph D'Cruz, of Toronto's Rotman School of Management, said his initial reaction to the report was that it was "somewhat sensational." But he told CTV News that he believes its fundamental ideas could prove to be practical, as "there is a small possibility things will work out the way this report presents."
Public health officials, meanwhile, seem to support the warning from the financial sector.
"I would strongly urge businesses to work with local government and emergency teams to plan for the impact of a pandemic influenza," said Dr. Arlene King, the Public Health Agency of Canada's director of immunization and respiratory infectious diseases division.
King added that the BMO plan isn't alarmist. "It's good planning," she told CTV News. She said business leaders need to identify the critical functions of their operations and to have contingency plans in place for an emergency.
King mentions teleworking -- where an employee can work from home, communicating electronically with the office -- as one example of a plan, "where people can stay home and still function. But not necessarily in the workplace."
The World Health Organization and public health leaders have been warning for some time that the world may be on the verge of a pandemic -- the first since 1968.
Adding considerably to their concern is the fact that the strain they fear will trigger a pandemic, the H5N1 avian flu ravaging poultry flocks of Southeast Asia, is highly virulent.
The report urges governments of the world's wealthiest nations to provide the resources necessary to countries in Asia where the bird flu epidemic has already taken hold.
"In today's world, the economy is borderless and so are public health and terrorism risks. Forget the 'each-man-for-himself' psychology of protectionist and anti-globalization rhetoric," reads the report.
"Like it or not, we are all in this together, and we are all dragged downward by the weakest links."

Thanks to the internet, many people are now open to the possibility of the various recent terror attacks being inside jobs. How many more times can the elite dupe the public before the cover is blown open? How many people will fall for it again when the big one is unleashed? Every day that passes, there are more and more people waking up. You have to wonder how patient the global elite will be?

Danger Of Staged Terror Attack at Red Alert Level
Will Sheehan force establishment's hand or can they fend her off?
Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet | August 21 2005

Recent events and news developments paint a clear picture of an establishment under intense heat and backed into a corner with no perceivable escape route.
At no greater time since 9/11 than during the next few months have we faced such an imminent danger of a staged terror attack being carried out to reign in the seeds of dissent and again rally the sleeping masses behind the elite.
The Globalists are like heroin junkies, every time they carry out an attack the gas mileage obtained from it in terms of getting a free pass from the public on anything they wish to push through gets weaker and weaker.
Those boys have cried wolf so many times they only still hold credibility amongst the most docile of sheep.
Only an attack on the scale of or greater than 9/11, as Bush is holed up safely in his Hollywood studio ranch, will allow them the leeway to fulfil their greedy and dark desires.
Revealing the true nature of their cowardice, we turn our eyes to Crawford Texas and see that one American housewife has the might of the establishment cornered like the man behind the curtain in The Wizard of Oz.
But will Cindy's Sheehan's efforts ultimately be co-opted?
Sheehan's simple and genuine message has held steadfast in the face of numerous smear campaigns by the establishment mouthpiece pseudo-press.
We must be very careful to remember that the Drudge Report, Sean Hannity and O'Reilly do not represent a political persuasion that truly encompasses any thinking American. On every single issue they support the government and since many of the government's actions cannot be called 'conservative' in the true sense of the word, the Neo-Con attack machine therefore does not represent real conservatives.

We must also consider that Sheehan will be manipulated by the left at every turn. Since both left and right ultimately share the same agenda, to prop up the establishment and misdirect people from real issues, a more sophisticated left gatekeeper movement could succeed in convincing Sheehan to go home.
Expect empty shell Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, John Conyers and Maxine Waters to collect signatures for a petition demanding Bush meet with Sheehan. Sheehan will take this as a result and go home. Bush will ignore the petition and another event will push the whole issue to one side.
Remember the Downing Street Memo? That jack got put right back in the box after Democrats got hold of it and allowed the Neo-Cons to dismiss it as partisan nonsense.
Hopefully Sheehan will resist all outside influences and just stick to her original message. If she does so, it makes the threat of a false flag event all the greater.
The strategy of tension continues with the nuclear attack drill targeting Charleston having just wrapped up. Many warned that the attack could go live as happened on 9/11 and 7/7. Merely shining a spotlight on the possibility ensured that it didn't.
According to military sources Dick Cheney "spends his entire day consumed with issues of terrorism and U.S. nuclear retaliation in the Middle East if an attack on American soil occurs."

America Conservative reported that Cheney has already given the green light for an attack on Iran in the immediate aftermath of the next terror strike in the US, even if Iran have nothing to do with it.
Generals both privately and publicly have told of their fears of a large scale attack in the coming weeks.
We don't have a crystal ball but it's very clear that the timetable for Russia to fuel Iran's nuclear reactors and the timetable for Israel or America to strike one or more of the reactors is about to overlap. You can't fit a square peg into a round hole and Russia's foreign ministry made that very clear this week in stating that the consequences of an American/Israeli attack would be "barely predictable."
If we make it through the rest of the year without a major terror attack then consider it a battle won in an ongoing war of psyop vs. counter-psyop. Eternal vigilance is a safeguard of liberty and a society that wishes to remain free should watch its government at all times with the intensity of a hawk that stalks its prey.

I thought the disengagement of Gaza was for ‘peace’?
I guess a police state is considered ‘peace’ according to these megalomaniacs. In fact, that is exactly how they think and that’s what they are shooting for.

MK Elon: 'This is a Police State'
01:50 Aug 21, '05 / 16 Av 5765
By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

Police prevented Sderot residents from protesting near PM Sharon's ranch and barred a terror victim's family from traveling for psychological help. MK Elon says Israel has become a "police state."

Knesset Member Benny Elon (National Union) spent the Sabbath opposite Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's Sycamore Ranch, protesting the expulsion of Jews from Gaza and northern Samaria. He said police blocked Sderot residents who tried to join him. "It is unbelievable how they gag people," Elon exclaimed. "The [government] campaign 'for every evacuee there is a solution' was a lie."

The legislator said that both deception and roadblocks restricting citizens' freedom of movement have turned the country into a police state.

Yonatan Abukasis, whose daughter Ella was killed by a Kassam rocket while she was
protecting her brother during an attack in Sderot last year, said he police blockades prevented him from taking his family this past week for psychological treatment in Ashkelon, several miles west of Sderot. Police had closed off all the roads to prevent expulsion opponents from approaching Gush Katif.

"If Sharon thinks he is right, why does he hide in his house," he asked. "My daughter is hiding in a grave and he embraces his Shabaknikim [government internal security agents] at his ranch.

Police Saturday night fanned out at major intersections in an attempt to prevent expulsion opponents from blocking the country's roads. Supporters of expulsion victims visited them at hotels throughout the country Saturday.

The government intends to complete the expulsion of all Jews from Gaza on Sunday and Monday. Residents of Netzarim, Katif, Slav, Atzmona and Elei Sinai remained in their communities for the Sabbath.

The Cabinet is to convene on Sunday and vote on continuing with the expulsion of four northern Samaria communities later in the week. Residents of Ganim and Kadim have left their homes, and security officials have tried to block non-residents from arriving at Homesh and Sa-Nur. Thousands have begun to gather in the nearby community of Kedumim instead, using it as a launching-point for excursions on foot toward the threatened communities.

The stage is continuing to be set for the global acceptance of a mandatory implanted microchip. “Hey it’s no big deal, I already have one from da club! It’s da bomb!!”

Techno-generation Cash, card or microchip

At a bar in Barcelona, select clientele can pay for drinks and access the VIP lounge at the scan of a tiny implanted digital tag. Julius Purcell goes where the chip crowd go
On a warm summer night in Barcelona, the dance floor of the Baja Beach Club is a writhing mass of locals and tourists. The normal punters here still have to go through the tiresome rituals of queuing for entry, waiting at the bar, fumbling for change, and fretting about the safety of their wallets. But for the lucky members of the Baja's VIP lounge, a magic chip implanted in their arm does it all for them. The cybernetic disco has arrived.
It's midnight, and time for the VIP lounge to open. Footballers Ronaldinho and Eto'o are sometimes here, though apparently not tonight. At the entrance, there's no lists of names, just a computer. Baja Beach Club director Conrad Chase is on hand to show how it works.
"Some of us who work at Baja already have the implant," he explains, rolling up his sleeve. "It's somewhere about here..." he murmurs, feeling his upper arm. He runs the scanner device over himself, and the computer instantly reads his 16-digit ID code. A photo pops up on the screen with his name, and the security man jokily waves the boss through.
Chase is a dynamic, bouncy American, always with an eye on the next new thing. He's also a household name in Spain, having just starred in the country's Big Brother, which may explain why he's just been mobbed by a crowd of Spanish girls wanting his photo.
"Actually, we started the VIP bar precisely to stop our famous guests getting mobbed," he explains, with a touch of fellow feeling. "We wanted to offer them a membership card that was modern and cool, and it was then, last year, that I discovered the chip idea on some geek website."
VeriChip, as the technology is called, is manufactured by Applied Digital Solutions, a Florida-based company, and so far is the only chip on the market that can be embedded in humans. The chip is tiny, about the size of a pen point, and can be painlessly injected into the arm by any qualified nurse (Chase insists that at the Baja they only do this "early in the evening"). The scanning software, VeriPay, is operated by Windows.
Currently, there are more than 90 chipped VIP members of the Baja; staff won't be drawn on whether these include Ronaldinho (not all VIPs have opted for the device). Those that have, Chase explains, can run a tab on a central computer, which they can check up on with a wave of the arm. Chase is keen to point out the impossibility of credit-card details somehow leaking out. "It's a closed, pre-pay system we use here. Bills for drinks are simply debited off their Baja accounts."
He does admit that the chips seem to make his guests spend more money. "People like to play with it; they want to see the system working."
The technology is still very much a novelty. Chase, who says the Baja in Barcelona was the first disco in the world to use VeriChip, has now introduced it in its sister club in Rotterdam. He also knows of clubs in London and Miami which are considering buying it.
Applied Digital has been manufacturing electronic chips for years, mainly as a tagging device for the movement of goods, salmon stocks and domestic animals. Then, last autumn, the US Food and Drug Administration cleared the use of the VeriChip for implanting medical details in patients, a potential life-saver at accident scenes. With this official thumbs-up, use of VeriChip in humans could spread across various sectors. Along with leisure applications such as those at the Baja, implanted chips can be used by office staff and security officers to access restricted areas.
Applied Digital's director of technical solutions, Craig J Almaraz, says that the company does not know, for privacy reasons, how many people now have chips implanted in them. The applications such chips will be put to, he predicts, will also vary from place to place: "I foresee the security market growing worldwide, while in the US it will be more towards the healthcare area," he says.
Almaraz stresses that VeriChip is a passive tagging device: it can only reveal its encrypted data when "woken up" by the external Applied Digital-manufactured scanner. Although Applied Digital also produces active tracking devices, the need for a power supply means that these are still fairly chunky affairs - certainly, for now, far to big to implant.
Given the novelty of such technology, it's impossible not to speculate on its future uses. Will a chip ever be able to detect cancer? Almaraz doesn't see why "multiple bio-sensing capabilities" couldn't eventually be developed.
One application that may be realised rather sooner is the VeriChip's use in a "smart gun". Firearms manufacturer FN Herstal is researching the possibilities of installing VeriChip-readers in its guns. Only the owner, who has the corresponding chip implanted in their hand, will then be able to fire it.
While the Baja Beach Club's innovative use of the VeriChip has caused much interest, Almaraz says that nobody can predict with any accuracy if credit cards, ID and keys will one day all be bundled into one tiny personal chip. Privacy and fraud concerns aside, chips with everything is a tantalising proposition. "My own personal opinion," Almaraz says, "is that this is where technology and evolution is now moving us."
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This really puts the secret societies, freemasonry, Davinci Code theory, the current political climate and alien phenomenon all together to form the mother of all conspiracies. Don’t be surprised to see this scenario unfold in the near future.

Alien Agenda
and the Return of the Stargods

I have been saying for some time now that when Israel is at war and the world is on the edge of nuclear war, it is then that the ancient Stargods of old will return to rescue Israel. The alien forces will have a head of their council known to us as antichrist. Israel will see this war as the Second Coming because they will in their minds been saved from Armageddon. The alien occupied forces will set up Jerusalem as the new world capital of the New World Order.
Alien Agenda Goals

1. Promote the existance of aliens in all the media.
2. Discover water on Mars or the Moon to convince the public that there may be life out there.
3. Destroy the evolution theory that we evolved by accident. Lay the ground work for the idea that man was created in a test-tube by aliens. (this is where Zechariah Sitchen stepped in).
4. Promote the idea that there are both good aliens and bad aliens so that when the good aliens rescue Israel we will naturally align ourselves with the so-called good aliens in order to fight the bad ones. The bad ones will be seen as the grays and the Reptilians that have taken over all the governments of the world. In the name of a new alliance of peace they must all be weeded out and removed. Since all government will be seen as infiltrated and corrupt, the world will run into the arms of their new masters. It will be a time of wars and rumors of wars and the time of the White horse weeding out the corrupt. It will be a time of peace through war. In other words "war is peace." The antichrist will be seen as the greatest military genius ever in the history of mankind.
"And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see. And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer." Rev 6:1-2
5. Before the Return of the Stargods release new ancient manuscripts reinforcing the idea that our real fathers in heaven (the Elohim) are Stargods who are going to return to save mankind. One such manuscript is the Angel scroll whose prophecy states that when Israel is about to be destroyed, (by the evil governments), thousands of "sun disks" will come down from the sky to save her.
6. Begin to reinforce the myth that Jesus survived the cross and had children that became Royalty. Show this Royalty as in a good light, and the governments of republics as evil replacements. This will pave the way for the alien government of 10 god Kings from the stars. Make it appear that it was certain secret societies that preserved this knowledge of the god kings of Jesus and that it was the Reptilian Vatican that suppressed this true knowledge of Jesus surviving and his children ruling in France and elsewhere. Make it appear that the secret societies were forced into secrecy by evil forces apposed to their so-called holy secret.
7. When the Rapture of God's elect takes place shortly before the Return of the Stargods and war in Israel, make it appear that it is not a Rapture but in fact the Second Coming instead. Make it appear that the trouble makers were removed to prove who the antichrist government is. Have the alien forces show in scripture (Matt. 13) how it was prophesied that the "tares" would be removed and that Elohim have come to set up a new kingdom of 1000 years. It in fact will only survive 3 1/2 years until Satan enters into the son of perdition to seize all power from the government of the 10 ruling kings of the new Atlantis. It will be a world coup setting Satan up as the final leader of the world. All opposition will be struck down including Israel. Untold bloodshed and brutality will erupt as the red devil begins to ride.
"And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword." Rev 6:4
"And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world." Rev 13:7-8
Satan will come in the flesh to overthrow the New Age kingdom and declare himself to be the only true god. He will not share his evil glory with anyone else and he will demand to be worshiped as the true and only living god of all gods. The New World religion (apostasy) will come to an end because there will be only one form or worship, and that will be himself as almighty god of the universe.

"Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away (apostasy) comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God." II Th 2:3-4
The final phase will be the return of the real Messiah Jesus Christ with all His elect to destroy Satan's kingdom once and for all.