Tuesday, September 13, 2005

9/12/05 - 9/18/05

Due to the repetitious news coverage focused on Hurricane Katrina, last week's blog was skipped. Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past couple of week's we are all familiar with the surface details. No need to rehash the obvious. There is an agenda behind the events surrounding the hurricane however. How many times have we heard the words "Martial Law" since the beginning of this storm?

If there was any event that would cause the domino pieces to start falling, it would be this. We are in a 2 week span where the possibility of an earthquake in that part of the country is increased by 30x.

Tremors may mean 'Big One' on its way
VANCOUVER -- A silent tectonic event, so powerful it has shifted southern Vancouver Island out to sea, but so subtle nobody has felt a thing, is slowly unfolding on the West Coast.
Scientists who are tracking the event with sensitive seismographs and earth orbiting satellites warn it could be a trigger for a massive earthquake -- some time, maybe soon.
But they are quick to add that the imperceptible tremors emanating from deep beneath the surface are sending signals scientists are not yet able to comprehend fully and "the Big One" might yet be 200 years off.
What they do know is that the earth is moving this week on the West Coast as two massive tectonic plates slip past each other.
"Southern Vancouver Island is sort of sliding towards the west right now. We're moving towards Japan," said John Cassidy, a seismologist with Natural Resource Canada at the Pacific Geoscience Centre near Sidney, B.C. "It's a very small amount. We've moved about three millimetres to the west over the past couple of days."
The event, known as an episodic tremor and slip, is a predictable, cyclical phenomenon that is adding pressure to a zone where the Juan de Fuca Plate and the North American Plate are locked, just off Vancouver Island. While the two plates are slipping in some areas, in another they remained locked. That locked zone is where the next megathrust earthquake is expected to come from when it suddenly releases.
Mr. Cassidy said a slip event occurs every 14 months, and when it does, scientists believe the chance of an earthquake the size that triggered the Asia tsunamis increases.
One researcher has likened the event to going up a step on a staircase, at the top of which sits a megathrust earthquake. But nobody knows where the top is or where we are on the staircase.
The geological record on the West Coast has shown that megathrust earthquakes occur roughly once every 500 years. The last one struck on Jan. 26, 1700, which leaves a window of possibility 200 years wide.
"We know there will be another megathrust earthquake, but we don't know when," Mr. Cassidy said.
But he said the slip is important because it is the only predictable event related to earthquakes, and it may hold clues as to when and where a megathrust will occur.
He said experts are so convinced the event is a potential trigger that they have advised emergency preparedness officials to be alert.
"We're in a time window of higher hazard," Mr. Cassidy said. "It's likely that one of these slip events will [one day] trigger a megathrust earthquake."
Mr. Cassidy said a slip event is not an earthquake but involves the release of tectonic pressure in tremors that seismographs are picking up.
"It's really a very subtle shaking. It's different from an earthquake. It has a different frequency content. It's more of a continuous signal, rather than an earthquake which would start with a bang. . . . There's no jolt to this so people don't feel it."
Satellites have tracked the shift of southern Vancouver Island to the west using global positioning technology that can detect minuscule movement.
Tectonic forces usually push the island east, but during a slip event it slides west for about two weeks.
"The normal movement to the east can be thought of as earthquake hazard. That's energy being stored for the next big megathrust earthquake and on top of that regular motion we have this cycle that adds a little more stress every 14 months. So that's why we say it becomes a trigger [event]," Mr. Cassidy said.
Herb Dragert, a seismologist with the Geological Survey, first detected the phenomenon of the slip event in 1999, and since then, it has been confirmed by scientists in the U.S. and Japan.
Mr. Dragert said slip events have led to new understandings of how the earth is moving 25 to 45 kilometres beneath the surface, where heat is so intense that rock is like soft wax.
"Before our investigations began, about three or four years ago, we thought once we get to those depths temperatures were hot enough to kind of make this a sloppy, plastic area and no stress could accumulate over a long term," he said.
"Now because of this phenomenon . . . we know that's not the case. . . . A small amount of stress accumulates and then for whatever reason, at 14 months . . . it slips. And that's one of our slip events. . . . Not only does it slip, but while doing so it produces these distinct seismic tremors."

This pretty much sums it up. When all hell breaks loose on a global scale, who will people look to? They’ll probably look to the sky. They will not be disappointed. Many will be totally duped into thinking that it’s something it’s not. Remember, the real deal comes after the fake one.

Earthquakes, Solar Flares, Hurricanes, War, & The Coming Of An E.T. Savior!
Redemption 'from heaven' ingrained in human psyche

By Thomas Horn
Senior RNU News Reporter
RNU.com – (Raiders News Update) – The Bible says in the last days that Jesus Christ "...shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first. Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words" (1 Thessalonians 4:16-18).
In a subsequent letter to the Thessalonians, Paul stated that this glorious appearing "in the clouds" would happen at a time of distress, when a great "falling away" was occurring and when a spirit of antichrist walked the earth. Earthquakes, hurricanes, war, and strange activity on the Sun would likewise portend the transpiration.
In other words, a time like now.
Though I doubt the prophet articulated the cyclical effect of man's psychological need of a savior during times of trouble, the pattern is as old as time and one of the most pervasive and enduring cultural phenomenon. When the world as we know it appears to be in trouble, we look skyward for divine intervention.
Given the current state of global affairs, maybe this is why last week a series of strange lights moving through the upper atmosphere over Thomasville, Alabama, caused Alex Cassity, described by The Times as "a God-fearing man", to think it was the second-coming. “It was really something,” he said. “but my first thought was, the Lord’s coming!” The lights over Alabama turned out to be flares from a military jet, but Cassity's reaction has become typical, and not just among Christians.
Many religions have at least one apocalyptic myth describing the end of the world accompanied by a "savior" who appears in the sky at the last minute to rescue the "chosen" from annihilation or wrath. Mayans, Assyrians, Egyptians and Greeks held similar beliefs. Hopi prophecy talks of a time of great destruction, when their lands will be preserved as "a blue star, far off and invisible, makes its appearance." Today, even factions of the New Age look for a techno-savior to appear in the clouds to save mankind from itself.
But what about that little warning Paul included to the Thessalonians
"... that day shall not come, except... that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition" (2 Thessalonians 2:3).
Predominant among church scholars is the idea that coupled with any heavenly appearing and concurrent salvation of believers from chaos, will be the materialization of a false Christ or "man of sin." This is a line in the sand for many Christians, dividing them from persons of different faith who also look to the skies for redemption. Where Hopi see a blue star, and others see returning ancient astronauts, Christians worry that any belief not consistent with their own might open a door for Antichrist to assume the role of an end times false Messiah by mimicking the return of Christ.
While the aforementioned may seem at first to be the insignificant differences of religious ideology, the effect (at least currently) is felt in everything from interpersonal social relationships to government policy. Recently the US Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice actually told sufferers of Hurricane Katrina to hold on - that "the Lord is going to come on time, if we just wait!"
As tensions continue to build around the world, nowhere is the conflict regarding the imminent appearing of a descending savior more glaring than among Christian and secular Ufologists. While some on both sides resist combining religious and cosmological significance with Extraterrestrial intelligence, others hold to the opposite position, esoterically and biblically, and maybe there is a good reason.
Earliest histories from around the world speak of significant involvement by a "super-intelligence" involved in the origin of the species with promises by this Creator to return someday. Secular and religious Ufologists point to the universal documentation as a record of "heavenly beings" visiting earth and engaging in a process leading to hominid creation and therefore the first civilizations. When the Sumerians first appeared, following the event described above, they brought with them a pantheon of sky deities, the first written language, and a superior knowledge of the cosmos. Post Sumerian myth held that powerful beings with names like "Zeus" and "Apollo" had visited the earth, intermarried with women, and fathered half-human children. In 1986, Christian college professor I.D.E. Thomas combined this mythos with modern Ufology, claiming that a race of anti-God warriors were approaching the earth from "out there" and bringing with them Armageddon. Evangelical apologists since flooded the market with dire warnings of a false Messiah who they said will first appear "in the heavens" to set about deceiving the world.
The words of Paul again
"And then shall that Wicked [one] be revealed....whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders" (2 Thessalonians 2:8-9).
These "lying wonders" according to one theory are flying saucers that will be piloted by creatures who appear to be advanced humanoids, but who are in fact evil supernaturalism on a quest to conquer and destroy the creation of God.
Surprisingly, secular Ufologists are partially to blame for advancing this "evil flying geniuses" theory. In some cases they too postulate interaction between humans and ET as malevolent. Whitley Streiber, author of "Communion" and other books on the subject, once wrote: "There are worse things than death, I suspected. And I was beginning to get the distinct impression that one of them had taken an interest in me. So far the word demon had never been spoken among the scientists and doctors who were working with me. And why should it have been? We were beyond such things. We were a group of atheists and agnostics, far too sophisticated to be concerned with such archaic ideas as demons and angels."
Professor Elizabeth L. Hillstrom in her book "Testing the Spirits" says that a growing number of academics have concluded that UFOnauts are synonymous with historical demonism. "Vallee’s explanation of UFOs is the most striking," she said, "because of its parallels with demonic activity. UFO investigators have noticed these similarities. Vallee himself, drawing from extrabiblical literature on demonic activities, establishes a number of parallels between UFOnauts and demons....Pierre Guerin, a UFO researcher and a scientist associated with the French National Council for Scientific Research, is not so cautious: 'The modern UFOnauts and the demons of past days are probably identical.' Veteran researcher John Keel, who wrote UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse and other books on the subject, comes to the same conclusion: 'The UFO manifestations seem to be, by and large, merely minor variations of the age-old demonological phenomenon."
In conclusion: Whereas Ufologists of various creed may disagree on the meaning of particular ET phenomenon, both assert language that defines UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence in angeological and demonological terms including rhetoric about the origin of the species as well as promises by the Creator to return "in the heavens" at the end of time. Given the prophetic condition of the world today, does anyone doubt why so many look for "UFOs" to render the grand entry of an extraterrestrial 'savior'? Or will Jesus Himself don the morning sky? Time will tell, but more and more people are looking to the clouds for the imminent arrival of an extraterrestrial redeemer.

The sleeping giant’s alarm clock seems to be ringing. Is he getting up now or is the snooze button activated for other events to unfold first? It looks like we are on the brink of a major conflict which will morph into WWIII.

Leading Chinese Dissident Warns: China Planning Nuclear War
The Epoch Times | September 13 2005
One of China’s most famous democracy advocates says that America has not paid enough attention to the threat of nuclear war with China. Wei Jingsheng, who spent 18 years in confinement in China, spoke at a forum on Chinese leader Hu Jintao at the National Press Club, sketching a disturbing picture of a powerful nation on the march to war.
The forum consisted of China expert panelists giving their various perspectives on the underlying meaning behind the visit of Chinese leader Hu Jintao, who has been in power for the last two years.
Wei stated that China needs the distraction of a war with Taiwan to turn attention away from the Chinese people’s frustration with rampant corruption and failed policies at home.
Wei also stated that a number of factors allow them to consider traditional warfare against Taiwan and even nuclear warfare against the U.S.
First, Russia, who China has often seen as an enemy, has offered a tacit agreement to China’s military plan, said Wei.
He pointed out that “China has signed a treaty with Russia that basically says if China invades Taiwan, Russia will not support the U.S.”, that meant that they would defend Taiwan if the island came under attack.
China also teamed up with Russia recently for joint military exercises on the Shandong Peninsula, an area fairly close to Taiwan, indicating both China’s intentions and Russia’s acceptance of those intentions.
Wei said that China had also been considering nuclear war against the U.S. as a way to defeat America in the war. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is considering nuclear war, Wei said, because it is not afraid to sacrifice China’s people.
He took as an evidence Chinese general Zhu Chenghu’s recent public statement declaring that China would launch nuclear weapons against the U.S. if it attacked China and that “we … will prepare ourselves for the destruction of all the cities east of Xian,” which would include Beijing, Shanghai, and Canton.
Although the general’s view was not publicly corroborated by other officials, Wei said, China’s government-run media enthusiastically circulated the statements.
Wei also warned Americans not to underestimate the irrational behavior of the CCP leadership and that America’s best response to prevent a coming war is to begin taking it seriously.
The Communist Chinese are very dissembling, Wei said. They try to appear to the world as less threatening, while at the same time they plan their next move.
Other panelists added that part of the reason Communist Party officials fear for the Party’s future is the Epoch Times’ “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party”, an editorial series on the CCP published in November 2004 that has inspired four million Chinese people to cancel their Communist Party membership.
“Whether the campaign of ‘maintaining the advanced nature of the party,’ or anti-Japanese parades, or anti-secession law [i.e., invade Taiwan if it declares independence], or nuclear threats to the U.S., all of these are for the purpose of diverting public attention on the mass resignations,” says Frank Gong, writer for the Chinascope magazine.
According to an August 15 report on the “Liberation Army Daily,” the Central Military Committee of the Chinese Communist Party released a regulation to bar “private collection of information with severe political issues,” Gong stated. “This indicated that the “Nine Commentaries” had widely spread in the military and caused the Central Military Committee of the Chinese Communist Party to be on high alert.”
The other panelists too tried to dispel the image of China as a nation taking its place in the world as a contributor to peace and prosperity.
Dr. John Li, Senior Research Fellow, Association for Asian Research, described an “equilibrium” status the U.S. currently enjoys with China: the U.S. gains access to cheap labor, even though the factories are polluting the country, while China’s totalitarian state acquires badly needed investment dollars.
“It might be good for the U.S. that this equilibrium can be kept forever, with the Chinese regime getting the assurance of “no regime change” and the U.S. businesses getting the money squeezed from cheap Chinese labor.” However, as much as the U.S. would like it to continue, Li said, the U.S. cannot avoid the fact that the Chinese have “never wavered in their belief that ‘America is their No. 1 enemy’.”
Dr. Li thinks the U.S. should distinguish its true friends from its foes. The only way to do that is by looking at countries’ human rights records. Treating China as its adversary, that is, a regime contrary to U.S. values, will lead to the best result in the long term, he said.
All the panelists agreed that America is sleeping, dreaming images of a pleasant, peaceful China. America wants to believe that the CCP has changed and has put an end to its brutal past. But Frank Gong asked rhetorically, “How do you ‘get over’ causing the deaths, unnecessarily, of 80 million people?” He argued that the CCP would never want its crimes exposed.
“So as for the Chinese Communist Party, let’s not consider how much it has improved. We need to consider whether it intends to improve. Once it opens up political freedom and freedom of speech, its past crimes will be exposed. People will have access to information concerning democracy and the rule of law. Then what the CCP faces is not only immediate collapse, but also accountability of all its crimes.”

We are looking at the microcosm of the future of America before our very eyes. The illuminati have used this disaster to run a practice drill for the upcoming police state, increase the powers of FEMA, grab control of the land in Louisiana and depopulate a portion of the population at the same time. Ask this question every time an event like this occurs: Who benefits?

New Orleans: Dress rehearsal for lockdown of America
Carolyn Baker | September 13 2005
Good morning, Baghdad! Good morning, Kabul! The war has come home to America, right here, right now and so have myriad questions so disturbing that most Americans, even if they know what the questions are, are terrified to ask:
Why is Blackwater USA, the principal mercenary force outsourced by the Pentagon to fight in Iraq, now patrolling the streets of New Orleans?
Why the disgraceful, ghastly slowness of response by the federal government to the Katrina disaster?
Why FEMA's destruction of communication lines and implacable refusal to allow food, water, and medicine into the city? (http://www.waynemadsenreport.com/, September 6)
Why have reconstruction and clean-up contracts conveniently fallen, with perfect timing, to Halliburton and Bechtel, the two U.S. corporations most infamous for their expertise in rebuilding Iraq and worldwide whatever the U.S. military has blown up?
Mainstream media and the Internet are abuzz with stories of FEMA's "gutting" by the federal government as the agency became part of the Department of Homeland Security, as if FEMA were some sort of altruistic savior who could have rescued New Orleans if only it had been granted sufficient funding. In reality, FEMA's obstruction of assistance, not only from the likes of Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, and several European nations, but from humanitarian organizations inside the United States is mind-boggling. Click here for a complete list of efforts blocked by FEMA.
In order to begin answering the endless disturbing questions, we must understand what FEMA actually is. In Sheila Samplesメ excellent September 10 article, she emphasizes the origins of FEMA in the 1980s under its architect, Oliver North. North's Operation Rex 84, or Readiness Exercise 1984, was a plan by which the the federal government would accommodate the detention of large numbers of American citizens during times of emergency. Through Rex-84, an undisclosed number of concentration camps were set in operation throughout the United States, for internment of dissidents and others potentially harmful to the state. Existence of the Rex 84 plan was first revealed during the Iran-Contra Hearings in 1987, and subsequently reported by the Miami Herald on July 5, 1987.
For decades since North's operation was disclosed, many dissidents have assumed that as in Nazi Germany, concentration camps were being secretly constructed for the incarceration of Americans. While this may be more than merely an assumption, there has been little speculation about what specific purpose such camps might serve—until the Katrina disaster. In the aftermath of the South Gulf Coast hurricane, we saw massive numbers of evacuees relocated throughout the nation.
In this particular disaster, most evacuees were poor and black, but since global warming's repercussions are intensifying daily, we can ultimately expect to see evacuees from all socio-economic groups, including the white middle class being relocated as a result of earthquakes, forest fires, floods, and tornadoes across the continent in the coming months or years. While the ruling elite are not willing to publicly admit the reality of global warming, they are fully aware of it, just as they are well-informed on the reality of Peak Oil. They know as well as progressives do that the juxtaposition of these two ecological phenomena guarantees both economic collapse and a plethora of natural disasters. (Please see my recent article The Not-So Gradual Collapse Of Empire.)
Particularly since 9–11, FEMA has been very little about disaster relief and very much about "population management." Katrina has underscored what the federal government and virtually all Americans already knew—the chaos that results from natural disasters. What the federal government knows, but most Americans don't know is the pandemonium that will result as the consequences of Peak Oil exacerbate.
In the United States, all nonorganic food growers use commercial pesticides and fertilizers on agricultural products. These have either a petroleum or natural gas base, thus insuring that as petroleum and natural gas prices increase, so will food prices. Moreover, what happens when trucking companies go belly up from gas prices, when truckers can no longer afford fuel, and when their axles break because interstates are in disrepair as a result of the prices or shortages of the petroleum needed to build roads? What happens when the housing bubble bursts, when massive unemployment engulfs the nation, and when hundreds of thousands or millions of people must walk away from their mortgaged homes? Add to this, the likely crashing of the U.S. dollar and the certainty of more natural disasters. Anarchy may not even approach the description of such a scenario. Enter FEMA's mandate and machinery, thanks to Blackwater, to maintain order.
One of the harshest realities of Peak Oil, but as old as the infanticide practiced by ancient civilizations is "demand destruction," also known as population control. In a recent article, Mike Ruppert explained its integral role in a global energy crisis:
"Demand destruction" has become a priority not only to mitigate Peak Oil but also to mitigate global warming. The United States, with 5% of the world's people, consumes (wastes) 25% of the world's energy. How do you destroy demand? You collapse the economy. Homeless, unemployed "refugees" (what a cold, depersonalizing term) don't buy gas, take trips, fly on airplanes or buy consumer goods (made with energy and requiring energy to operate). They don't use air conditioning because they can't afford it. They are the embodiment of Henry Kissinger's infamous term "useless eaters," a phrase from the Nazi vocabulary. If energy demand destruction, as acknowledged by the Bilderbergers and the CFR [Council On Foreign Relations], is a priority, then the only—I repeat only—beast that must be tamed is the United States.
As we witnessed the American Apartheid of relocating masses of African-Americans to cities throughout the nation, how chilling was FEMA's promise of a $2,000 debit card for each person, then its decision to give these "useless eaters" a check for $2,000 when most have neither a checking account nor personal identification! In addition, the very fact that so many of these individuals are living from paycheck to paycheck, on the brink of homelessness, underscores the likelihood that many of them will be forced into bankruptcy which may accelerate freefall into homelessness as the Bush administration's Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention Act becomes law on October 17. Remember the USA PATRIOT Act—that 300-page piece of legislation passed in the middle of the night on October 26, 2001, which almost no members of Congress had a chance to read? You know, the one that shredded the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? How appropriate that the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention Act will become law almost four years to the day after the USA PATRIOT Act was passed.
It appears that FEMA did not think this one through, but, alas, things are not necessarily as they seem. Certainly, the ruling elite would not intentionally arrange for millions of indigent evacuees to suddenly "litter" the streets of America. A more likely scenario could be debt servitude. I can already hear the FEMA offer that no penniless refugee could refuse: "We'd like to give you a job helping to clean up New Orleans or the South Coast. We can't pay you the prevailing wage, however, since the president cancelled prevailing wage by executive order. We also notice that you have quite a bit of debt, but never fear, we will give you the opportunity to 'work off your debt' by coming to work for us until your debt is satisified." Will this be Readiness Exercise 2005, 2006, 2007, ad infinitum?
With every national emergency, the fascist agenda of this government will come more clearly into focus. On September 10, Tom Curry listed in his article, "Hurricane Spawns Flurry Of Deregulation," the Bush administration's most recent rulings in the name of hurricane and oil supply relief:
• Starting last Wednesday and until next Wednesday, the federal Department of Transportation has eased rules on how many hours truckers can drive when transporting fuel.

• The Environmental Protection Agency has suspended until next Thursday certain federal fuel standards in response to possible diesel and gasoline shortages. The suspended rules are designed to combat high ozone and sulfur emissions.

• Bush has ordered suspension of provisions of the Jones Act, which requires transport of petroleum, gasoline and other petroleum products on U.S.-flagged ships while operating in U.S. coastal waters.

• Senate Environment and Public Works chairman Sen. James Inhere, R-Okla., said Congress would need to waive a law that limits federal emergency road building funds to $100 million per state per emergency and that limits full federal funding to 180 days.

• The House unanimously passed a bill allowing the Department of Education to waive the repayment requirement for low-income college students who received Pell grants. Normally if a college student drops out of school, he must pay back the unused portion of his Pell grant.

• On Thursday, Bush suspended the Davis-Bacon law on all federally financed construction in areas hit by Hurricane Katrina. That law requires the federal government to pay the "prevailing wage" on construction projects, which is often higher than the local minimum wage. Suspending Davis-Bacon will allow the government to pay lower than prevailing wages, and Bush said, "will result in greater assistance to these devastated communities and will permit the employment of thousands of additional individuals."

• House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, saw a need for a new energy bill as a result of the hurricane. "When one hurricane, as massive as it was, can knock out about 20 percent of our (oil and natural gas) facilities, it shows how vulnerable we are," he said. In order to expand the long-term U.S. oil and gas supply, DeLay wants to open parts of the country that are currently off-limits to oil and gas drilling. Large swaths of the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts are under a federal moratorium on oil and gas exploration until the year 2012.
Congress does not need to approve these decisions. They have been pronounced by fiat, frighteningly reminiscent of Hitler's unilateral directives in Germany in the 1930s. As Sheila Samples notes, FEMA has not been gutted; it is the PATRIOT Act on crack!

We’ve seen this time and time again since 9/11. After the official report is churned over an over agin through mainstream news, the whistle blowers start to tell the truth through independent sources. Isn’t it funny how only the key levees broke AFTER the storm passed?

Earwitness tells ABC explosives blew Industrial Canal levee
Total Information Analysis | September 12 2005
Total411.info has obtained video of an ABC News report featuring an earwitness to explosives used to destroy the Industrial Canal in New Orleans. Here's the video, and here's the transcript:
DAVID MUIR, ABC NEWS: This is the actual levee that runs along the canal on the eastern side of the city. And when the hurricane hit, the water came through at such force, it was apparently too much. You can see the massive breach here, and when you look around the corner you can see what the water did to the Lower Ninth Ward. It compleetley destoryed neighborhoods.
JOE EDWARDS, JR., 9TH WARD RESIDENT: I heard something go BOOM!
MUIR: Joe Edwards rushed to get himself and as many neighbors as possible into his truck. They drove to this bridge, where they've been living ever since
EDWARDS: My house broke in half. My mother's house just disintegrated. It was a brick house. All the houses down there floated down the street like somebody's guiding 'em
MUIR: Was it solely the water that broke the levee, or was it the force of this barge that now sits where homes once did? Joe Edwards says neither. People are so bitter, so disenfranchised in this neighborhood, they actually think the city did it, blowing up the levee to save richer neighborhoods like the French Quarter.
MUIR: So you're convinced . . .
EDWARDS: I know this happened!
MUIR: . . . they broke the levee on purpose?
EDWARDS: They blew it!
MUIR: New Orleans' mayor says there's no credence to this.
NEW ORLEANS MAYOR RAY NAGIN: That storm was so powerful and it pushed so much water, there's no way anyone could have calculated what levee to dynamite to have the kind of impact to save the French Quarter.
MUIR: An LSU expert who looked at the video today says, while the barge may have caused it, it was most likely the sheer force of the water that brought the levee along the Lower Ninth Ward down.
(NOTE: It is not clear at all that blowing the Industrial Canal could have "saved" the Quarter, or that the Quarter was in danger at all.)

Believe it or not, there is a cosmic element to this whole conspiracy to bring about the NWO. Remember, it is more than just a human conflict. We are at the crosshairs of a cosmic battle between good and evil. I believe that the timetable for events to occur coincide with cosmic events such as this. They don’t have forever. This is why I believe that things can begin to start moving pretty quickly.

Sun's String of Fury Continues as 7th Major Flare Erupts
By Robert Roy Britt
Senior Science Writer
posted: 09 September 2005
10:33 pm ET
Updated 12:36 p.m. ET Sept. 11
An ongoing series of seven major solar flares, including two on Saturday, could disrupt communications on Earth and generate colorful sky shows for people at high northern latitudes for the next several days.
Already satellites have been affected. Even more serious effects are possible this week.
The spate of activity from the Sun is being generated by a large sunspot named 798. Sunspots are cooler and darker regions of pent-up magnetic activity. When they unleash their energy, it's a bit like the top coming off a shaken champagne bottle.
The sunspot is just rotating into view, so its energy has been directed sideways and not directly at Earth. In coming days, if more major flares erupt as forecasters expect, they'll head right at us and radio blackouts, cell phone dropouts and other communications disruptions are more likely, scientists said.

This commentary is extremely politically incorrect but it really states it the way it is. The racist element of this disaster has been exposed. When will it boil over and become a threat to the already weakened social fabric of this country?

Hurricane Katrina is Our 911: Sign that the Apocalypse is Upon Us

The first US catastrophe of the post-911 world and it went about as many of us would have predicted.

People of color/ poor people/ people who possess no power were treated worse than animals.

Recall the very first images of people wading through chemical- laced, sewage-laden water and make every Black face White. Can you really imagine that the situation would have been allowed to deteriorate as it has?

Imagine middle-class white people in that hell-hole formerly known as the Superdome. Can't quite picture that? Oh..that's right. Black people don't really mind living in those conditions. And they like pickin' cotton too.

All human beings are worthy. But some are more worthy than others. Do you suppose the New York Times will publish biographies of each of the dead of Katrina as they did of 911?

Years from now will the public be still talking of the trauma these people (those who survive) experienced?

No, because what you get depends on who you are.

What about the trauma of the Palestinians compared to the trauma of the Jewish settlers? One is huge and we hear little or nothing about it. One is small and we hear about it every day for a week.

The government does not care for the least of us. That should not come as a surprise.

The least of us are treated differently. So one shot fired at a Chinook helicopter, and rescue attempts are put on hold. That is collective punishment. Just like one Palestinian turns himself into a suicidal bomber, so Israel invades and destroys entire villages. Collective punishment and racism. One of you did this to us, so we will turn our might on all of you. Doesn't matter that the one act had nothing to do with the other.

Is something about to blow here? If it does…look out. The world will never be the same again. The first domino piece will have been knocked down.

Fearing retaliation, police beef up security around mosques
Police beefed up security Monday afternoon around mosques throughout Israel, fearing far-right activists (Hassidic jews) would attack the Muslim holy places in retaliation to the torching and looting of Gush Katif synagogues by Palestinian mobs earlier in the day.
Kahane Chai activists on Monday called on the government to demolish the mosques on the Temple Mount.
"If the government does not do this," far-right activist Itamar Ben-Gvir warned. "It will not be surprising if Jews get together and with pride take action."
Internal Security Minister Gidon Ezra said Monday that security forces were preparing for a variety of extreme scenario following the torching of the Gaza synagogues.
He added that pictures of burning prayer houses were expected, and that intelligence was being gathered to prevent any acts of revenge by right-wing extremists